Attorney at law

Hitoshi Suzuki

Attorney at law, Japan (Tokyo Bar Association)
Former professor of law, Tokai Law School (ADR, civil law, entertainment law)
Author of Judicial Occupation (2002) and The Truth of the Civil Law Reform (2013)
Co-author of Settling Brain (2010) with Prof. Yuji Ikegaya, Tokyo University

Hitoshi Suzuki is a civil law attorney and a part-time mediator of Tokyo Bar Association (hereinafter referred to as “TBA”) Dispute Resolution Center.
He was graduated from WASEDA University in 1990, and trained at Legal Research and Training Institute of Supreme Court 1995-1997.
He had taught civil litigation practice and ADR for 13 years since 2004 at Tokai Law School in Tokyo, and has been teaching ADR for lawyers at TBA since 2007.

As a civil law practitioner, he joined TBA in 1997 and opened his own law office in 1998.
He has been mainly dealing with consultation, contract, negotiation, mediation and litigation on corporate, real estate and intellectual property laws, especially in the entertainment field such as industries of broadcasting, movie, music, acting and literature.

Regarding ADR, he was an annual winner of the TBA Research Fund in 2000 (theme: ADR practice in the USA), was trained as an extern at Mediation Offices of Gregg F. Relyea Esq. in San Diego, CA in 2000, and finished Negotiation Workshop at Harvard Law School and Mediation Training Program of Gregg F. Relyea Esq. in 2002.
Since 2003 he had worked as the vice chairman of TBA Dispute Resolution Center for 8 years.
He also wrote a book named Settling Brain (2010) with Prof. Yuji Ikegaya of Tokyo University, who is one of the most famous brain-scientists in Japan, which is about how to settle disputes effectively by knowing brain functions.
His latest article is Reconciliation based on brain science (2018).